Seizing Intangible Heritage

Project for the post-doc research grant 2009-2010 of the Ville de Paris.

The modern concern for ‘intangible cultural heritage’ (i.e. the oral manifestations of traditional cultures) arose in the second half of the last century. While witnessing the achievement of modernity, western intellectuals realised the importance of folk traditions and encountered a problem that is still troubling them: how to preserve oral cultures when the communities that created them are rapidly disappearing? Continue reading Seizing Intangible Heritage

Heritage Networks

M. Severo, Heritage Networks. Managing Network Cultural Heritage with the Web, Saarbrücken: VDM Verlag Dr. Müller, 2009.

The world of cultural heritage is undergoing a substantial transformation. The notion of ‘cultural heritage’ has been extended beyond art works and monuments to include a larger number of natural and man-made works. We call this new type of heritage ‘network cultural heritage’, as it is composed of elements that are widespread and yet strongly connected. Continue reading Heritage Networks